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DJ Bellamy - Tony B, UKDJTONYB


Tony started DJing at the age of 16 back in 1980 but had been collecting music well before that as he was getting into what his friends older brothers and sister were buying. That was mostly 70’s disco and back then it was mostly 7” vinyl but the mighty 12” was making a real impact. Tuning into iconic radio shows like Radio London's Robbie Vincent show and the Capital Radios Soul Spectrum with Greg Edwards, he soon set up a mobile disco with two friends at 16, one of which he still DJ's with today. That was EXPANSIONS ROADSHOW (see original 1980's business card below) and they played Jazz, Funk, Disco & Soul to Bracknell’s musical conscious teenagers who were hooked to the same radio shows they were.

In 1987 Tony started playing early house music and soon left the mobile scene to play in clubs and then ran many of his own nights eventually booking big stars of the time including the mighty ALFREDO, DOP, PHIL PERRY, TERRY FARLEY, STACEY TOUGH and others who impressed him. Tony switched radio stations finding Judge Jules and Paul Trouble Anderson on Kiss and Rampling on Radio One’s Love Groove Dance Party. Fate ensured Tony DJ'd along side all these icons shortly after. By  this time he was well and truly hooked.

Tony eventually got himself a residency with THE FULL MONTY and played for THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR, MISS MONEYPENNIES, FARENHEIT, CREAM, MOS, CLUB X, SHIVOO, SHAVE YER TONGUE and many other leading underground dance clubs. Like most DJ’s he moved around the genres having most success with TRANCE in the early and mid 90’s and then FUNKY HOUSE as the HED KANDI sound exploded.

Sets in Europe and the US, including clubs in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Japan culminating in a career high playing a 6 hour set at New York’s mighty CRO BAR in the Reed Room and in LA’s SUGAR LOUNGE. 

"In honesty the reality can be far less glamorous than the tale and there has been some dodgy moments" says Tony  but it’s what he loved doing and he pursues it today with the same vigour as he did back then.

Following on from his radio heroes, Tony started playing for Point Blank FM, then More FM and now Release FM. Tony recalls "Back then it was really pirate and there were some scary moments but these days it’s totally professional which is obvious from the quality of its output".

So is Tony B’s music the best? Of course it isn’t. All DJ’s think they play the coolest, most uplifting music so Tony realises what he plays can’t be everyone’s cup of tea but one things for sure – if he didn’t have what it takes to be a good DJ he would have given up a long time ago – or everyone else would have given up on him.

One thing goes without doubt, Tony’s shows will always be full of musical energy, each track will mean something special to him and he promises to try his hardest to entertain every time he gets behind a set of decks.

Tony produces these days too. Who doesn’t?? Releasing EP's on both Doin'Work Records and Dirt, Lies and Audio it wasn't long before Tony set up his own label nuTRAX and released three tracks in early 2019. 

"It’s no biggie but when you play your own stuff in your set you close the circle, you fill in missing gaps and then know you are truly contributing to the scene" states Tony. Tony may never be financially rich from DJ'ing or producing but so what…It’s all about the music for him.

Finally thanks to everyone who has ever danced to a track Tony has played. He gave you a moment of joy and that means a lot to him.


Expansion Roadshow Circa. 1980

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